Great Lakes Literacy Education Exploration

The Great Lakes Literacy education exploration (GLLee) is a short and engaging course focused on a Great Lakes topic. The digital course can be accessed anytime via Google Classroom. Through each GLLee, you will learn about a Great Lakes scientist, be provided with curated resources, and see examples of stewardship opportunities. You will receive a certificate representing three contact hours of study after completing a GLLee course.

What is a GLLee?

  • Digital and asynchronous short course for educators to support youth engagement Great Lakes literacy focus
  • Stewardship and hands-on learning
  • Career explorations with scientists
  • Educator community of practice

2023 school year topics 

  • Aquatic Invasive Species (Facilitated by Pennsylvania Sea Grant and NOAA GLANSIS) Coastal Erosion (Facilitated by New York Sea Grant)
  • Marine Debris (Facilitated by Ohio Sea Grant)
  • Urban Water Cycle (Facilitated by Michigan Sea Grant)
  • Vernal Pools (Facilitated by Michigan Sea Grant)

registration information

Main Office: Tom Ridge Environmental Center 301 Peninsula Dr., Suite 3 Erie, PA 16505 814-217-9011