Title Funding Amount Institution Principal Investigator Research Year
Assessing the Economic Impact and Value of Recreational Fishing on Lake Erie Waters $166,315 Penn State University Alan Graefe (gyu@psu.edu) 2016
Assessing background rates of intersex, expression of vitellogenin, teste transcriptome, and population genetics of Micropterus dolomieu $159,871 Penn State University Sean Rafferty (sdr138@psu.edu) 2016
Living Shorelines Assessment for Community Resiliency in Coastal Pennsylvania $44,226 Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Danielle Kreeger (dkreeger@delawareestuary.org) 2016
Diel signals in stream discharge – insights into watershed behavior and potential impacts of climate change $50,700 Keystone College Robert Cook 2016
Preliminary determination of density and distribution of Flathead Catfish Pylodictis olivaris in the Susquehanna River and select tributaries. $71,072 Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Geoff Smith (geofsmith@pa.gov) 2016
Investigation of Chemical Signals for Improving Trapping Efficiency and Preventing Further Expansion of Invasive Crayfish Species $67,000 Elizabethtown College Anya Goldina (goldinaa@etown.edu) 2016
Determination of invasive round goby populations within the main stem of French Creek and their potential impact on benthic fishes $75,000 Penn State University; Allegheny College Jay Stauffer (vc5@psu.edu); Casey Wilson (cbradshawwilson@allegheny.edu) 2016
Occurrence of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in stream (raw) and drinking-water (finished) samples in the Susquehanna and Delaware Watersheds 2007-2009 compared to 2016 and in the Lake Erie Watershed in 2016 $75,000 U.S. Geological Survey Robin Brightbill 2016
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Municipal Water Supplies from Lake and Riverine Sources $53,400 Penn State University Heather Gall (heg12@psu.edu) 2016
Evaluating the Sources and Fate of Triclosan in a Watershed Traversing a Rural to Urban Gradient in Southeastern Pennsylvania $72,891 Villanova University Amanda Grannas (amanda.grannas@villanova.edu) 2016
Evaluation of exposure to and human health risks from PCPPs in drinking water from Lake Erie $74,079 Gannon University Michelle Homan (homan@gannon.edu) 2016
Using Flow Cytometry to Quantify Harmful Algal Blooms: Why are there times when some HABs not “Harmful”? $77,200 Regional Science Consortium Jeanette Schnars (Jeanette@RegSciConsort.com) 2016
Development of a Molecular Biomarker for the Prediction of Toxic Algal Blooms $45,424 Temple University Benoit VanAken (bvanaken@temple.edu) 2016
Predictive Modeling of Harmful Algal Blooms in Presque Isle Bay $74,375 Gannon University Rick Diz (diz001@gannon.edu) 2016
Using Fishes to Assess the Ecological Integrity of Presque Isle Bay $45,964 Penn State University Sean Rafferty (sdr138@psu.edu) 2014
Deciphering the Role of the Largemouth Bass Virus (LMBV) in Causing the Observed Mortalities in Juvenile Smallmouth Bass Micropterus dolomieu in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania $50,114 Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Coja Yamashita (cyamashita@pa.gov) 2014

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