flooded street in central PAPennsylvania Sea Grant works with communities, leaders, farmers and researchers to better prepare for climate challenges

No matter where you live, you can likely identify impacts of a changing climate. For some, like residents of Louisiana, the changes are profound and strikingly visual, as sea level rise results in the loss of a football field of land each day. 

The changes we see in Pennsylvania may not be quite as striking, but they are happening; an increase in intensity and frequency of storms, frequent droughts, fluctuations in seasonal temperatures, and stream and river banks and coastlines that seem to be disappearing. 

Pennsylvania Sea Grant works with individuals, leaders, researchers, policy makers and farmers to make our communities, farms, and families more resilient to the impacts of a changing climate.  We help Erie farmers, Chester City leaders, and many others to identify, plan and prepare. 

Community leaders in Chester City, along the Delaware River on Pennsylvania's eastern coast, are thinking differently about coastal impacts such as erosion, sea level rise, and the risks associated with increases in intense storms. While on the opposite side of the state, in Erie County, farmers are coming to terms with a changing climate, temperatures, and how these changes impact their crops and livelihoods. 

For more information about climate resiliency, contact Sara Stahlman,extension leader.





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