Sevenmile Creek team picture

Sevenmile Creek, a tributary with direct drainage into Lake Erie, suffers from issues such as stream erosion and sedimentation. Pennsylvania Sea Grant in cooperation with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie has developed a grant proposal to develop remediation efforts targeting a specific stretch of Sevenmile Creek located near the Glinodo Center north of Route 5 in Harborcreek Township.  Restoration efforts such as native tree plantings, inclusion of cross vanes, a gravel island, and widening the existing forested riparian buffer will take place to reduce surface runoff into the stream and to better shade the stream and improve habitat. Sevenmile creek electrofishing

Before the start of the project, Pennsylvania Sea Grant and members of the Regional Science Consortium conducted a biodiversity assessment of the proposed stretch of stream to identify which species of fish are currently present in the stream. Backpack electroshocking was used to stun the fish so they could be collected in nets and buckets to be identified and counted and then released back into the stream unharmed. Numerous species were identified including rainbow trout, longnose dace, rainbow darter, and mottled sculpin. After completion of the project, similar follow up assessments will be done to track the health of fish communities in the stream.

 Images courtesy of Jo Clark, Director of Annual Giving, Benedictine Sisters of Erie Biodiversity assessment of sevenmile creek

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