feral swine quagga mussels Phragmites Nutria

Pennsylvania’s natural resources and economy are threatened by unwanted invaders in the commonwealth – non-native invasive species. From kudzu to zebra mussels, emerald ash borer to feral swine, non-native invasive species are constantly making their way into Pennsylvania. Often, they are unintentionally introduced through the everyday activities of citizens – hiding in firewood, attached to boats and other gear, concealed in merchandise. Sometimes they are deliberately introduced. Sometimes they make it here under their own power. However they arrive, once established they have the potential to change Pennsylvania forever. Non-native invasive species are a threat to Pennsylvania’s economy and environment. Commonwealth citizens pay millions of dollars to prevent, eradicate, and control invasive species each year. These invaders threaten our native wildlife and plants by outcompeting them for resources and habitat.

Invasive species in Pennsylvania can be split into two categories: aquatic invasive species and terrestrial invasive species. PA Sea Grant participates in several projects related to education, outreach, research, control, and management of these invasive species. 

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