To combat urban sprawl, Pennsylvania Sea Grant assists partnering organizations and municipalities to secure funding to carry out simple acquisition and conservation easements to preserve open space and protect environmentally sensitive areas in the Pennsylvania Lake Erie drainage basin.

Since 2003, Pennsylvania Sea Grant has assisted Lake Erie Region Conservancy (LERC), the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC), municipalities, state agencies and others  in conserving 1,658.24 acres of recreational and open space lands, which includes 8.6 miles of stream corridor and 2.60 miles of Lake Erie shoreline.  These properties have a value of over $12.0 million.

Partners: LERC, PFBC, DCNR, NOAA/DEP, PGC, FHWA/PaDOT, WPC, TNC, Erie County Dept. of Planning, local municipalities, property owners

Main Office: Tom Ridge Environmental Center 301 Peninsula Dr., Suite 3 Erie, PA 16505 814-217-9011