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Tammy Zimmerman (
United States Geological Survey
Bacteria-driven beach restrictions/advisories on Presque Isle State Park (PISP), Pennsylvania, can occur during the summer months. High levels of bacteria in nearshore waters have negative effects on human health and tourism in the region by making beaches unsafe for swimming. One of the suspected sources of bacteria is sediment. A terrestrial sediment source to the west of PISP is Walnut Creek, which discharges to Lake Erie about 8.5 kilometers southwest of Beach 1.  This study will provide information on whether Walnut Creek could be a source of bacterial contamination to PISP beaches via nearshore transport of suspended-sediment and bacteria loads by (1) performing velocity synoptic surveys during typical summer conditions, (2) collecting water quality during the summer synoptic surveys, (3) collecting water quality samples in the beach swimming areas, and (4) evaluating data from existing and proposed water-quality instruments installed at Walnut Creek.
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