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Alan Graefe (
Penn State University
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There is little existing information on the economic impact/value of recreational fisheries on Lake Erie. Previous assessments are dated or considered only specific components of the Lake Erie fishery. For example, annual surveys of angler effort and catch are limited to the open water fishery only and are typically conducted only seasonally (e.g., May through October). No previous study has focused on all aspects of recreational fishing on Lake Erie waters. This study will provide a current and comprehensive assessment of the economic impact and value of all recreational fishing on Lake Erie and its tributaries. Results will be derived from a survey of the anglers themselves, who represent the source of the economic activity. These primary results will be corroborated by supplementary data collected from fishing-related businesses and secondary data analysis of other available databases. The study will document the economic importance of recreational fishing on Lake Erie and its contribution to the local and Pennsylvania state economy.
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