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Jay Stauffer (; Casey Wilson (
Penn State University; Allegheny College
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Recently, the Round Goby has been found in a tributary of French Creek (Allegheny River drainage), which suggests that there has been bait-bucket transfer. The Round Goby’s ability to adapt to a variety of habitats and environmental conditions poses a threat to native fishes in tributary systems and inland lakes. Moreover, further knowledge, not just presence and/or inventory and monitoring data, is needed to better understand their potential impacts on lotic systems. The objectives of this project are  to document 1) if the Round Goby has invaded the main channel of French Creek; 2) If the great diversity of benthic fishes in French Creek will control or retard its dispersal and colonization of the main channel French Creek; 3) document its presence/absence throughout the French Creek watershed; and 4) monitor its colonization throughout the French Creek Drainage and its potential to spread throughout the Allegheny River Drainage.

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