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Nikki Shariat (
Gettysburg College
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Salmonella species represent a significant environmental health problem due to their diversity, presence of' human, animal, and aquatic reservoir states, plus the lack of coordinated programs for Risk prioritization and control. Current revolutions in DNA sequencing technology have enabled scientists for the first time to perform affordable, yet deep surveys of microbial genomics. This proposal leverages a combination of the latest technological developments in Salmonella typing (CRISPRHSeroSeq) and total bacterial community profiling (metagenomics) to measure and map the distribution of' microbial organisms in the Susquehanna River Basin. Sampling sites within the basin will be selected based on our partnership with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, where smallmouth bass populations have been continuously monitored. The major outcome of this proposal will be the development of an open access interactive tool, Keystone MicroTrack, where Salmonella populations, bacterial community profiles, physiochemical data, and smallmouth bass population data will be integrated and visualized.

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