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Erica McKenzie (
Temple University

Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) is increasingly being employed as a stormwater management tool in urban areas, with the intent of using infiltration to address both water quantity and quality concerns. Unfortunately, accumulation of contaminated sediments within GSI may negatively impact the GSI flora. Furthermore, removal of dissolved contaminants can be problematic, and shifts in stormwater quality may result in mobilization of pollutants (e.g., desorption from highly contaminated GSI sediments) further exacerbating the local water quality problems. Incorporation of “green” absorbent materials will be investigated as a means of removing several classes of pollutants – dissolved metals, nutrients, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – thus minimizing their mobility into the adjacent ecosystems, and limiting their negative effects on GSI plants. This study will combine laboratory evaluation of adsorbent performance in model systems with field evaluation of the adsorbent capacity over an extended duration. This research, conducted in collaboration with the Philadelphia Water Department, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and Schuylkill Action Network, will improve our understanding of GSI amendments that will improve water quality while simultaneously enhancing GSI hydrologic function.

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