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Beth Boyer (
The Pennsylvania State University

The homogenization of biota by the introduction and spread of non-native species is one the most damaging anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity and water quality today. Here, we focus on aquatic invasive species; and aim to quantify the impact of the introduced Round Goby species on the water quality and aquatic resources of the Lake Erie and French Creek watersheds. We are in the unique scientific situation of having recently pinpointed the invasion front of this exotic species into the French Creek watershed from 2015 to the present. That along with the fact that we have a complete data set on background conditions before the invasion; affords us the research opportunity of a lifetime -- to track the rate and direction of dispersal of the introduced Round Goby in the stream and river network, and to quantify its impacts on aquatic life, food chains, and water quality. Our work will also explore how its range expansion can be predicted, with modeling of interactions among hydrology and aquatic ecology along the stream and river corridor.

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