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Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Frum

Lake Erie and the surrounding watershed play a significant role in the economic vitality, cultural heritage, and overall environmental health of Erie County and the surrounding region.Recognizing this, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection organized the Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Forum (PA LEEF), as a way to provide related environmental and regional information to the public - and to also engage citizens in the process of environmental protection by providing the public with the opportunity to share local insights, information, and opinion.

The forums are open to the public, and feature topics like water quality, stormwater, scientific studies and research, policy issues, energy, agriculture, tributary and watershed updates, and larger-scale policies affecting all of the Great Lakes.  Details about upcoming and past forums are highlighted on this page. 

For more information, contact Marti Martz, PA Sea Grant's Senior Coastal Outreach Specialist 


SAVE THE DATE:  March 19, 2019
PA Lake Erie Environmental Forum
Tom Ridge Environmental Center
1:00 – 4:00 PM

Invasive Species in the Great Lakes from the Front Lines

Presentations by:
Dr. Jim Grazio, Great Lakes Biologist, PA DEP
Sara Stahlman, Extension Leader, PA Sea Grant

Great Lakes environmental developments and current events
Pennsylvania Lake Erie harmful algal bloom spring 2019 update

For more information or to RSVP, contact Marti Martz, PA Sea Grant's Senior Coastal Outreach Specialist 




October 2018   Agenda  

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018 the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Pennsylvania Sea Grant hosted the fall 2018 Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Forum (PA LEEF). Featured speakers included Penn State Behrend researcher, Dr. Anthony Foyle, who discussed “Coastal Bluff Erosion” and his work to increase the knowledge of Lake Erie bluff erosion, Pennsylvania Sea Grant's Research Director, Dr. Sean Rafferty, presented the PA Great lakes Water & Land Technical Resources Website & Web Mapping Application, Pennsylvania Sea Grant's Marti Martz and Anna McCartney led presentations and discussions about plastic pollution in our waters, Jill Bartolotta and Sue Bixler of Ohio Sea Grant examined the impacts of plastic pollution on our waters, the social science behind consumer behavior, and a regional opportunity to collaborate on a plastics outreach campaign, and Tim Bruno, Chief of the DEP Great Lakes Office provided updates on rulemaking regarding the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Waterway, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, and the Pennsylvania State Water Plan.

March 2018     Agenda  I  Watch the Presentations on YouTube 

This first meeting of 2018 provided updates on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and presentations on clean water infrastructure and asset management and inter-governmental cooperation.

Watch the presentations on YouTube

View PowerPoint Presentations:

Asset Management & Inter-governmental Cooperation in Pennsylvania
  Presented by Christine Weigle, Executive Director Lycoming County Water & Sewer Authority

Joint Action Plan for Clean Water Infrastructure and Services in the Great Lakes Region
 A product of the Great Lakes Commission Clean Water Infrastructure and Services Working Group Presented by Victoria Pebbles, Program Director


PA DEP Updates:
Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Update
 Presented by Tim Bruno, Chief, Great Lakes Office, PA Department of Environmental Protection 

April 18, 2016  Agenda I Summary Attendee list

The initial meeting of PA LEEF covered a broad set of topics such as water diversion in the Great Lakes; how commissions and organizations Pennsylvania DEP is involved with address environmental issues; how Pennsylvania utilizes funding it receives from federal and state sources; new methods of online interaction with spatial data; projects that evaluate and monitor erosion along Pennsylvania’s shorelines; monitoring of the health of Lake Erie, and current nutrient reduction actions.

September 19, 2016  Agenda I Summary Attendee list

Status of current drafts of the Pennsylvania Domestic Action Plan to meet Lake Erie phosphorus reduction targets and timelines for implementation.  The Special Focus topic will be stormwater management and the roles municipalities play in protecting Lake Erie water quality.  Presentations will introduce new methods available to municipalities to sustainably fund stormwater management responsibilities and infrastructure.

December 12, 2016  AgendaSummary Attendee list

This third meeting of PA LEEF covered a broad set of topics such as updates on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; the Great Lakes Basin Compact and Agreement; the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Pennsylvania State Water Plan. In addition, DEP staff highlighted upcoming grant opportunities and discussed the Pennsylvania Phosphorous Reduction Domestic Action Plan.


April 24, 2017     Agenda / Summary

A number of updates were covered including Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; Great Lakes Basin Compact Agreement; Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update; and the State Water Plan update. 






Staff Member: 
Marti Martz

Main Office: Tom Ridge Environmental Center 301 Peninsula Dr., Suite 3 Erie, PA 16505 814-217-9011