The continued improvement of Presque Isle Bay depends upon focused and coordinated efforts in the watershed to reduce pollution, protect and restore habitat and natural resources, and monitor the results. 

The Presque Isle Bay Watershed Restoration, Protection, and Monitoring Plan, developed by Pennsylvania Sea Grant and several collaborators, is a blueprint for these efforts. The Plan summarizes a comprehensive GIS-based data collection, assessment, and analysis effort; and serves as a living document that provides a model to drive coordinated restoration, protection, and monitoring projects within the watershed. 


To date, more than $1 million has been leveraged to implement stream restoration efforts, install rain gardens, and implement the monitoring recommendations of the Plan.  The cumulative results of these projects include: the restoration and stabilization of 2,250 feet of stream; the establishment of 3.1 acres of riparian buffers; the conversion of 5,500 ft2 of impervious surfaces to wildlife habitat; the conversion of 1,400 ft2 of impervious surfaces to rain gardens; and the reduction of sedimentation to Presque Isle Bay by an estimated 283 tons each year.  (See Stream Restoration Topic for more information).


In addition to the Plan, our staff developed a Presque Isle Bay Watershed Restoration Prioritization Web Application.  The web-based geospatial tool allows user to view the watershed characterization data layers that were used to prioritize restoration and protection needs within the Presque Isle Bay watershed, in order to make informed decisions regarding water resource management. 

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