Did the Mari-29 plunge over Niagara Falls?

When they spotted the odd, orange-colored piece of wood near the shoreline, they suspected it had a story.
“I knew this was no ordinary driftwood, so I pulled the wreckage to shore and that’s when we discovered the note from the students at the Maritime Center,” said Joe Giessert. He was hiking along the Niagara River near Buffalo with his son, Joe Jr.,and a fellow Boy Scout when they found the wood with a note instructing them to contact Pennsylvania Sea Grant Education Specialist, David Boughton in Erie, Pa. 

“Our river hike on March 7, 2012, turned into quite an adventure after we contacted Mr. Boughton and realized how important our find was,” said the elder Giessert.

Issue Publication Date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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