Today at Noon

the NOAA Central Library presents the 2019 Knauss Fellows Seminar Series!

How will climate change impact asexual reproduction in reef-building corals?

Featuring Pennsylvania Knauss Fellow, Andie Chan, Fisheries Science Coordinator, National Stock Assessment Program and National Observer Program, NMFS Office of Science and Technology

Corals provide the foundation of reefs, and may reproduce sexually or asexually, often via fragmentation. Increased asexual reproduction reduces the genotypic diversity of a coral population, potentially making that population more vulnerable to stressors. While previous work has examined the effects of heat and acidification on coral sexual processes, less focus has been directed towards the possible effects of climate change on coral asexual reproduction. I will discuss this issue using two case studies of coral populations along natural acidification gradients in the Galapagos and Palau.

About the speaker: Andie recently graduated from Penn State with a Ph.D. in Ecology where she studied the effects of climate change on coral symbioses. The ongoing decline of corals motivated her to work on projects with strong management implications to help improve resource conservation. Currently, Andie is a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow working on bycatch-related issues and incorporating socioeconomic information in fisheries stock assessments.

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