Title Funding Amount Institution Principal Investigator Research Year
A paradigm shift: re-evaluating Phragmites and Phragmites management in terms of coastal resilience $126,500 Bryn Mawr College Thomas Mozdzer (tmozdzer@brynmawr.edu) 2020
Quantifying the Roles of Changing Watershed Conditions and Biotic Interactions in Structuring Pennsylvania Stream Fish Communities $100,000 Penn State University Ty Wagner (txw19@psu.edu) 2020
Diet composition of invasive Flathead Catfish in the Susquehanna River Basin: quantifying impacts on native and migratory fishes and recreational fisheries $105,461 Penn State Hazleton Megan Schall (mvk10@psu.edu) 2020
Evaluating the effects of the recently discovered non-native, parasitic copepods Salmincola edwardsii and S. californiensis on Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout, respectively in Pennsylvania inland streams and Lake Erie tributaries $106,500 Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Jason Detar (jdetar@pa.gov) 2020
Quantifying Urban Litter Contribution to Plastic Pollution and Assessing Best Mitigation Practices $123,566 Gannon University; Penn State Behrend Varun Kasaraneni (kasarane001@gannon.edu); Sam Mason (sam7201@psu.edu) 2020
Stormwater nitrogen management – evaluating the intersection between stormwater management practice (SMP) design, nitrogen speciation, and performance $126,500 Temple University Erica McKenize (erica.mckenzie@temple.edu) 2020
Evaluating the comprehensive impacts of urbanization and restoration on stream processes $126,193 Villanova University Virginia Smith (virginia.smith@villanova.edu) 2020
Development of discovery-based analytical methodology for the identification and quantification of legacy and emerging contaminants that contribute to current disease in smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu from the Susquehanna River Basin $125,000 The Pennsylvania State University Frank Dorman (fld3@psu.edu) 2018
Impacts of Introduced Round Goby on Aquatic Community Structure in Pennsylvania Watersheds $125,000 The Pennsylvania State University Beth Boyer (ewb100@psu.edu) 2018
A Carrying Capacity Analysis for Presque Isle State Park $124,927 The Pennsylvania State University Alan Graefe (gyu@psu.edu) 2018
A Bayesian statistical network model of bluff retreat and a littoral sediment budget model for the western Erie County littoral cell, Lake Erie $124,995 Penn State Behrend Tony Foyle (amf11@psu.edu) 2018
Comparison of age and growth patterns of Flathead Catfish in invasive and native populations: A meta-analysis with implications for invasive species management $94,869 Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Geoff Smith (geofsmith@pa.gov) 2018
Keystone MicroTrack: Mapping Microbes and Pathogens in the Susquehanna River Basin $86,054 Gettysburg College Nikki Shariat (nshariat@gettysburg.edu) 2018
Assessing the ability of green adsorbents to improve water quality and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) performance $124,924 Temple University Erica McKenzie (ermckenzie@temple.edu) 2018
Assessing background rates of intersex, expression of vitellogenin, teste transcriptome, and population genetics of Micropterus dolomieu $159,871 Penn State University Sean Rafferty (sdr138@psu.edu) 2016

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