Title Funding Amount Institution Principal Investigator Research Year
Characterization of Nearshore Bathymetry and Longshore Current Velocity in Relation to Estimating the Potential for Nearshore Transport of Sediment and Bacteria Loads from Walnut Creek to Presque Isle State Park Beaches, Erie, Pennsylvania $75,000 United States Geological Survey Tammy Zimmerman (tmzimmer@usgs.gov) 2014
Barrier Assessment of Lake Erie Tributaries of Pennsylvania $75,000 Penn State University Jay Stauffer (vc5@psu.edu) 2014
Development of a Real-time PCR Method for Early Detection of Aquatic Invasive in Pennsylvania Watersheds $32,123 Temple University Benoit Van Aken (bvanaken@temple.edu) 2014
PCR Tracking of Predation on Non-native Species in Lake Erie $18,855 Gannon University Kelly A. Grant (grant007@gannon.edu) 2014
Evaluation of Effectiveness of FreshFaceFoward: Personal Care Products (PCPs) Social Change Campaign $36,425 Mercyhurst University Anne Zaphris (azaphiris@mercyhurst.edu) 2014
Assessing the Effect of Lower Lake Erie water Levels on Outdoor Recreationists and Stakeholders in Pennsylvania $30,000 Penn State University Andrew Mowen (ajm194@psu.edu) 2014
Genomic Application for Mutational Analysis of Skin Tumor Formation in the Bioindicator Bottom Feeder Brown Bullhead Fish in Presque Isle Bay $36,425 Gannon University Steven Mauro (mauro003@gannon.edu) 2014
Quantifying seasonal movement dynamics and thermal habitat use of smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna River basin: implications for fish disease and fisheries management. $30,000 Penn State University Tyler Wagner (txw19@psu.edu) 2014
Rusty Crayfish and Smallmouth Bass in the Susquehanna River: Who’s eating Whom? $63,830 King's College Brian Mangan (brianmangan@kings.edu) 2014
Investigating the Role of Contaminants and Parasite Prevalence in the Observed Mortality of Smallmouth Bass in the Susquehanna River Basin $74,900 Penn State University Tyler Wagner (txw19@psu.edu) 2014
Assessment of the Spatial Distribution of Brownfield Sites in Chester, PA at Risk of Flooding and Release of Pollutants to the Delaware River $74,687 Widener University Chad Freed (chfreed@widener.edu) 2014
Monitoring a Freshwater Tidal Wetland in the Delaware Estuary: Flooding Influence on Accretion and a Potential for Priority Planning under Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise $61,414 Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University David Velinsky (velinsky@ansp.org) 2014
Projected changes in the delivery of freshwater, sediment, nutrients, and organic matter to the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays: a synthesis approach $62,335 Penn State University Raymond Najjar (rgn1@psu.edu) 2014
Didymosphenia geminata in Pennsylvania: an Investigation of Current and Historic Distribution, Habitat Suitability, and Nutritional Content $49,740 Susquehanna River Basin Commission Matthew Shank (mshank@srbc.net) 2014
Establishing a Link between Hydraulic Fracturing Activities and Stream water Impacts in North-Central Pennsylvania $20,000 Villanova University Steven Goldsmith (steven.goldsmith@villanova.edu) 2012
Probabilistic Characterization of Stream flows in Urbanizing Basins in Pennsylvania Under Climate Change Scenarios $20,241 Penn State University Alfonso Mejia (amejia@engr.psu.edu) 2012
Effects of Personal Care, Prescription, and Other Emerging Contaminants on Sentinel Species in Lake Erie Beach Waters of Presque Isle State Park $20,358 Mercyhurst University Amy Parente (aparente@mercyhurst.edu) 2012
Innovative Tools for Groundwater Education in Pennsylvania $37,290 Penn State University Bryan Swistock (brs@psu.edu) 2012
Occurrence Survey for Emerging Contaminants of Concern in Pennsylvania Tributaries of the Delaware River $20,000 Temple University Rominder Suri (rsuri@temple.edu) 2012
Developing Quantitative Models for the Removal of Quaternary Ammonium Ions as Representative Cationic Emerging Contaminants by Cation Exchange Resins $9,000 Temple University Judy Zhang (hjzhang@temple.edu) 2012
How Temperature and Phosphorus Loading Influence E. coli Growth on Cladophora in Lake Erie Beach Waters of Presque Isle State Park $21,200 Mercyhurst University Steve Mauro (mauro003@gannon.edu) 2012
Nutrient Thresholds for Didymosphenia geminata Blooms and Stalk Formation in the Delaware River $18,600 Delaware River Basin Commission Erik Sildorff (erik.silldorff@drbc.nj.gov) 2012
Identification of Parasites and Bacteria and their Role in Infections and Mortalities of Smallmouth Bass Micropterus dolomieu in the Susquehanna River Basin and Neighboring Drainages $26,000 Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Geoffrey Smith (geofsmith@pa.gov) 2012
Evaluating Coastal Wetland Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise in Pennsylvania $15,587 The Academy of Natural Resources of Drexel University Tracy Elsey-Quirk (quirk@ansp.org) 2012
Potential Impact of Climate Change on Bivalves in the Tidal Freshwater Region of the Delaware River $29,272 Penn State University Raymond Najjar (rgn1@psu.edu) 2012
Status of Exotic Round Goby and Tubenose Goby in Pennsylvania $41,000 Penn State University Jay Stauffer (vc5@psu.edu) 2012

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