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Rominder Suri (
Temple University

The goal of this research project was to increase our understanding of the occurrence of emerging contaminants of concern (ECCs) in surface waters by collecting and analyzing ambient water samples from a targeted area of the Delaware River Basin.  Concentrations of ECCs are generally higher in urbanized and industrialized areas as was found in a previous study of the tidal Delaware River. The ten sampling sites in this study are in an area of southeastern Pennsylvania with numerous municipal and industrial discharges to surface water.  The sampling locations are above and below potential source discharges for ECCs in watersheds draining to the Delaware River. Data and information obtained from this study advances our understanding of potential environmental exposures and the prevalence of emerging contaminants in relation to potential sources and builds on previous studies. Collectively, this information can provide environmental managers and other members of the environmental community and stakeholders with a greater awareness and better understanding of the presence of unregulated contaminants of concern in surface waters. This project can provide information needed for water quality planning and policy for emerging contaminants.

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