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Green Parking Lots Zoning and Design

In this webinar, David Skellie from PA Sea Grant and Tavis Dockwiller from Viridian Landscape Studio discuss how Millcreek Township (Erie County) has adopted amendments to their zoning regulations to now require seven percent of new or reconstructed parking lots be vegetated - even lots smaller than one-half an acre.

The economic advantages of green parking lots is also discussed including recent studies reporting 12 percent higher income streams on treescaped streets and parking lots. The second part of the webinar explores the technical and aesthetics side of green parking lot design including examples of how attractive green stormwater management might be incorporated within parking areas for a variety of benefits.

Recorded Webinar

Green Parking Lot Design Presentation

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Green Parking Lot Zoning Presentation

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About the Presenters:
David Skellie is an experienced grant writer and project coordinator who leads coastal planning and tourism-related economic development, land conservation, and water quality improvements efforts focused on the tributaries and the 77 miles of shoreline in Pennsylvania's portion of Lake Erie. Skellie's efforts have helped to guarantee open space, wildlife habitat, and recreational access for area residents and visitors in perpetuity. He previously served as planning director for Erie County. 

Tavis Dockwiller,principal, is the guiding influence for Viridian Landscape Studio. Viridian heals ecological systems while making beautiful places for people. Tavis recognizes place-making as integral to the basic framework of society and understanding ecological systems as key to makingplace. Her work is built from an understanding of long term strategy and strengthened by client investment in design. Tavis' designs give people meaningful ways to engage with the environment to play, learn and relax.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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