The Lake Erie Watershed Cooperative Weed Management Area (LEW-CWMA) provides a framework of contacts, planning, and guidance to individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies engaged in the management of invasive plant species within the Lake Erie Watershed. The work of the CWMA helps members educate individuals, develop common management objectives, set realistic management priorities, facilitate effective treatment, and coordinate efforts over geographical and municipal boundaries with similar land types, use patterns, and problem species.

CWMAs, are local organizations that bring together landowners and land managers to coordinate action and share expertise and resources to manage common weed species within a designated geographical region. CWMAs often function under the authority of a mutually developed Memorandum of Understanding and are distinguished by these five characteristics:

  • Defined geographical area distinguished by a common geography, weed problem, community, climate, political boundary, or land use.
  • Involvement or representation of the majority of landowners and natural resource managers in the defined area.
  • Led by a steering committee.
  • Committed to cooperation.
  • Developed a comprehensive plan that addresses the management and prevention of one or more noxious weeds or invasive plants.


See the Lake Erie CWMA 5-year plan 

Staff Member: 
Tom Cermak

Main Office: Tom Ridge Environmental Center 301 Peninsula Dr., Suite 3 Erie, PA 16505 814-217-9011