Wastewater as an Indicator of the Physical and Mental Health of Pennsylvania Communities
Stormwater nitrogen management – evaluating the intersection between stormwater management practice (SMP) design, nitrogen speciation, and performance
Evaluating the comprehensive impacts of urbanization and restoration on stream processes
Development of discovery-based analytical methodology for the identification and quantification of legacy and emerging contaminants that contribute to current disease in smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu from the Susquehanna River Basin
Impacts of Introduced Round Goby on Aquatic Community Structure in Pennsylvania Watersheds
Keystone MicroTrack: Mapping Microbes and Pathogens in the Susquehanna River Basin
Assessing the ability of green adsorbents to improve water quality and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) performance
Projected changes in the delivery of freshwater, sediment, nutrients, and organic matter to the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays: a synthesis approach
Occurrence of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in stream (raw) and drinking-water (finished) samples in the Susquehanna and Delaware Watersheds 2007-2009 compared to 2016 and in the Lake Erie Watershed in 2016
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Municipal Water Supplies from Lake and Riverine Sources
Evaluating the Sources and Fate of Triclosan in a Watershed Traversing a Rural to Urban Gradient in Southeastern Pennsylvania
Evaluation of exposure to and human health risks from PCPPs in drinking water from Lake Erie
Using Flow Cytometry to Quantify Harmful Algal Blooms: Why are there times when some HABs not “Harmful”?
Development of a Molecular Biomarker for the Prediction of Toxic Algal Blooms
Predictive Modeling of Harmful Algal Blooms in Presque Isle Bay
Developing Quantitative Models for the Removal of Quaternary Ammonium Ions as Representative Cationic Emerging Contaminants by Cation Exchange Resins
Occurrence Survey for Emerging Contaminants of Concern in Pennsylvania Tributaries of the Delaware River
Effects of Personal Care, Prescription, and Other Emerging Contaminants on Sentinel Species in Lake Erie Beach Waters of Presque Isle State Park
Establishing a Link between Hydraulic Fracturing Activities and Stream water Impacts in North-Central Pennsylvania
Assessing the Effects of Water Levels and Water Quality on Water-Based Outdoor Recreationists in Pennsylvania
Evaluation of Effectiveness of FreshFaceFoward: Personal Care Products (PCPs) Social Change Campaign

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