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Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Forum

The PA Department of Environmental Protection identified public participation and input as critical components of comprehensive policy creation for the Great Lakes and Lake Erie Basin.

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Forum (PA LEEF), is to present information to the public on water quality, scientific studies, policy issues, Department and partner actions on Pennsylvania Lake Erie tributaries, and larger-scale policies across the Great Lakes.

The PA LEEF venue will provide the opportunity for staff to gather comments and input from meeting attendees.


LEEF Meetings, Agendas, and Summaries 

April 18, 2016  Agenda I Summary Attendee list

The initial meeting of PA LEEF covered a broad set of topics such as water diversion in the Great Lakes; how commissions and organizations Pennsylvania DEP is involved with address environmental issues; how Pennsylvania utilizes funding it receives from federal and state sources; new methods of online interaction with spatial data; projects that evaluate and monitor erosion along Pennsylvania’s shorelines; monitoring of the health of Lake Erie, and current nutrient reduction actions.

September 19, 2016  Agenda I Summary Attendee list

Status of current drafts of the Pennsylvania Domestic Action Plan to meet Lake Erie phosphorus reduction targets and timelines for implementation.  The Special Focus topic will be stormwater management and the roles municipalities play in protecting Lake Erie water quality.  Presentations will introduce new methods available to municipalities to sustainably fund stormwater management responsibilities and infrastructure.

December 12, 2016  AgendaI Summary Attendee list

This third meeting of PA LEEF covered a broad set of topics such as updates on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; the Great Lakes Basin Compact and Agreement; the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Pennsylvania State Water Plan.  In addition, DEP staff highlighted upcoming grant opportunities and discussed the Pennsylvania Phosphorous Reduction Domestic Action Plan.


April 24, 2017     Agenda / Summary

A number of updates were covered including Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; Great Lakes Basin Compact Agreement; Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update; and the State Water Plan update. 

For more information or to register to attend a future PA LEEF meeting please contact Marti Martz, (814) 217-9011, x104 ( or Tim Bruno, (814)835-1477 (





Staff Member: 
Marti Martz

Main Office: Tom Ridge Environmental Center 301 Peninsula Dr., Suite 3 Erie, PA 16505 814-217-9011