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Zach Nemec staff photo

Zach Nemec

Delaware River Coastal Outreach Specialist


Zach Nemec, Coastal Outreach Specialist working in the Delaware River Basin, joined Pennsylvania Sea Grant in July 2021. He is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating regional outreach programs with a focus on watershed restoration and community resiliency in southeastern Pennsylvania. Zach also connects communities with local stakeholders to better understand and grow their resilience, economies, and well-being.

Prior to joining Pennsylvania Sea Grant, Zach was a Watershed Project Scientist at the Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence where he expanded a statewide citizen science, water quality monitoring program by working with agencies, companies, individuals, organizations, and schools to establish baseline data in freshwater streams and tidal creeks.

Zach earned a Bachelor of Arts from Hiram College and a Master of Science in Natural Resources from the University of Arizona.

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