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Making Science Accessible

Welcome to Pennsylvania Sea Grant! We strive to make science available and accessible for everyone. We’ve thoughtfully reviewed our resources and are currently refreshing many to make sure they meet accessibility standards. Contact us if you cannot find a resource or need assistance.

Pennsylvania Sea Grant staff are based in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Erie, and our program focus on the statewide practical use and conservation of natural resources – for a healthy environment and resilient communities. Our work happens in watersheds within the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions, and we partner with decision-makers, academic institutions, Sea Grant programs, and many other individuals and groups to build bridges between science and people. Learn more about our program. 

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Educators – Take the 2024 Pennsylvania Statewide Environmental Education Survey Today! Deadline to Participate is May 27.


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Explore Our Programs

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Dig-in to Science! Learn more about statewide research topics and funded projects. Guidance for researchers seeking funding is also available.

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Outreach programs and projects engage individuals, decision-makers, and communities in topics and issues like invasive species, climate change, flooding and stormwater, and many others.

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Education programs and resources are developed to assist formal and nonformal educators and to expand adult and youth knowledge of Great Lakes and coastal issues.

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Featured Video

Clean, Drain, Dry

This video outlines how aquatic invasive species, or AIS, are transported from one water body to another, and ways to stop their spread by using the “Clean, Drain, and Dry” method.


Featured Resource

Organizing an Aquarium Pet Surrender Event

Aquarium pet surrender events help native species and the ecosystem by preventing aquarium pets from being released into the wild, where they can cause detrimental harm to native species and the ecosystem. This Pennsylvania Sea Grant-developed guide is a resource for anyone interested in organizing an aquarium pet surrender event.  Download the guide today! 

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