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Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Forum Series – Education and Volunteerism

This February 2023 forum featured speakers from Pennsylvania Sea Grant, the School District of Philadelphia, the Intermediate Unit, and the Regional Science Consortium will come together to discuss science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in Pennsylvania. Participants heard from experienced and creative teachers who have successfully enhanced environmental literacy at their school. Discussions covered innovative and successful education programs and discussed environmental literacy. Following the education experts, Penn State Extension professionals spoke about existing fundamental volunteer programs occurring throughout Pennsylvania. Passionate Pennsylvanians heard about programs that can ignite their passion for clean land and water, including the Master Watershed Steward program, Master Gardener program, 4-H, First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH), the Master Well Owner Network (MWON), and Greening the Lower Susquehanna (GLS): Volunteer Corp.


  • Welcome to the Forum
    Tim Bruno, Great Lakes, PA DEPAmber Stilwell, Pennsylvania Sea Grant & Penn State Extension
  • Great Lakes Updates
    Tim Bruno, Great Lakes, PA DEP
  • What’s new with Pennsylvania Sea Grant – Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development
    Michelle Niedermeier, Education Lead, Pennsylvania Sea Grant
  • Environmental Literacy Initiatives in Northwest PA
    Rebecca Schaufelle, Education Facilitator, Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit
  • Education with the Regional Science Consortium
    Jeanette Schnars, PhD, Executive Director, Regional Science Consortium
  • CGLL in the Classroom: Creating Accessible Enrichment
    Mike Demeno and Hilary Henwood, School District of Philadelphia
  • Extending Community Learning through Volunteer Engagement
    Natalie Marioni, Extension Educator, Penn State Extension
  • Volunteering with Penn State Extension
    Erin Frederick, Statewide Master Watershed Steward Coordinator, Penn State Extension
    Andy Faust, Master Gardener Area Coordinator, Penn State Extension
    Tara Mondock, Associate Director Client Relations, Penn State Extension

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