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PFAS are widely used, long-lasting chemicals. Components of PFAS break down slowly over time, can persist in the environment, and are found in air, water, fish, soil, and in some cases, human and animal blood. There are thousands of PFAS chemicals found in many consumer, commercial, and industrial products, creating challenges for studies assessing the human health and environmental risks. (EPA, 2022). We have a lot to learn about PFAS and how humans and the environment are impacted by them. ​


  • Welcome to the Forum – Tim Bruno, Chief, Office of the Great Lakes, PA DEP and Amber Stilwell, Coastal Outreach Specialist, PA Sea Grant
  • Great Lakes Updates – Tim Bruno Chief, Offices of the Great Lakes, PA DEP
  • Understanding PFAS Pollution – Amy Williams, PA Burau of Clean Water
  • PFAS Regulatory Update – Brian Chalfant, PA DEP
  • Common Agenda Update – Jenny Tompkins, PennFuture
  • Erie Earth Day Extravaganza! – Amber Stilwell, PA Sea Grant
  • Closing and Adjournment, Public Comment – Tim Bruno, Chief, Office of the Great Lakes, PA DEP, and Amber Stilwell, PA Sea Grant

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