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Evaluating Source and Fate of Triclosan in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Investigator(s): Amanda GrannasResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Villanova University Funding Amount: $72,891

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Municipal Water Supplies from Lake and Riverine Sources

Investigator(s): Heather GallResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Penn State University Funding Amount: $53,400

Evaluating Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water in the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers

Investigator(s): Robin BrightbillResearch Year: 2016
Funding Amount: $75,000

Impacts of Round Goby on French Creek Fish Communities

Investigator(s): Jay Stauffer, Casey WilsonResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Allegheny College, Penn State University Funding Amount: $75,000

Investigating Chemical Signals of Invasive Crayfish to Improve Trapping

Investigator(s): Anya GoldinaResearch Year: 2016
Funding Amount: $67,000

Determining Flathead Catfish Density in the Susquehanna River

Investigator(s): Geoff SmithResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Funding Amount: $71,072

Evaluation Impacts of Climate Change on Daily Stream Discharge

Investigator(s): Robert CookResearch Year: 2016
Funding Amount: $50,700

Evaluating Living Shorelines for Community Resilience

Investigator(s): Danielle KreegerResearch Year: 2016
Funding Amount: $44,226

Assessing the Relationship Between Gene Expression and Intersex in Smallmouth Bass

Investigator(s): Sean RaffertyResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Penn State University Funding Amount: $159,871

Assessing the Economic Impact and Value of Recreational Fishing on Lake Erie Waters

Investigator(s): Alan GraefeResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Penn State University Funding Amount: $166,315

Assessing Pollution from Brownfield Sites and Risks to Chesapeake and Delaware Bays

Investigator(s): Chad FreedResearch Year: 2014
Funding Amount: $74,687

Monitoring Potential Sea Level Impacts on the Delaware Estuary

Investigator(s): David VelinskyResearch Year: 2014
Institution(s): The Academy of Natural Resources of Drexel University Funding Amount: $61,414

Investigating Current and Historic Distribution of Didymo

Investigator(s): Matthew ShankResearch Year: 2014
Funding Amount: $49,740

Estimating Sediment and Bacteria Loads from Walnut Creek to Presque Isle Beaches

Investigator(s): Tammy ZimmermanResearch Year: 2014
Funding Amount: $75,000

Assessing Barriers to Fish Movement in Lake Erie Streams

Investigator(s): Jay Stauffer, Joshua WisorResearch Year: 2016
Institution(s): Penn State University Funding Amount: $75,000

Assessing the Ecological Health of Presque Isle Bay Using Fishes

Investigator(s): Sean RaffertyResearch Year: 2014
Institution(s): Penn State University Funding Amount: $45,964

Using Real-time DNA Tracking for Early Detection of Aquatic Invasive Species

Investigator(s): Benoit Van AkenResearch Year: 2014
Institution(s): Temple University Funding Amount: $32,123

Tracking Predation on Non-native Species Using DNA

Investigator(s): Kelly A. GrantResearch Year: 2014
Funding Amount: $18,855

Evaluation of Effectiveness of FreshFaceFoward: Personal Care Products (PCPs) Social Change Campaign

Investigator(s): Anne ZaphrisResearch Year: 2014
Funding Amount: $36,425

Assessing Effects of Water Levels and Water Quality on Recreation Experiences

Investigator(s): Andrew MowenResearch Year: 2014
Institution(s): Penn State University Funding Amount: $30,000

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