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The Pennsylvania Lake Erie Environmental Forums are held virtually via Zoom on a quarterly basis. The forums are recorded for the public and future use. The virtual format began in 2021 and has resulted in an expanded demographic and geographic range of audience members and presenters.


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Harmful Algal Blooms

March 2024

This forum explored harmful algal blooms (HABs) which are a major threat to Great Lakes and Pennsylvania waters. They can form quickly and produce harmful toxins that impact the skin, livers, and neurological systems of people, dogs, and other animals.

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The Future of Stormwater: Artificial Intelligence?

May 2023

Featured topics include harmful algal blooms (HABs), a custom designed litter boom to catch plastic debris, planting trees as a stormwater management technique, stormwater fees, and current research into artificial intelligence and stormwater management.

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Education and Volunteerism

February 2023

Participants and speakers of this forum explored science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in Pennsylvania and ways to enhance environmental literacy in the classroom. Additional presentations and conversation focused on volunteerism opportunities.

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Hazard Mitigation and Climate Change

October 2022

Climate change is taking a toll in the Great Lakes region. In this forum, participants and speakers reviewed and discussed record-breaking high temperatures and unpredictable extreme weather events that have many cities around the Great Lakes preparing for future impacts.

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Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

April 2022

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are widely used, long-lasting chemicals found in many day-to-day products. Components of PFAS break down slowly over time, can persist in the environment, and are found in air, water, fish, soil, and in some cases, human and animal blood.


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Invasive Species

January 2022

Invasive species are causing havoc in the Lake Erie watershed, particularly the threat of the invasive carp. Featured topics include invasive carp biology, the Brandon Road Inter-basin Project, state response to the threat of invasive species.

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Climate Change and Harmful Algal Blooms

October 2021

This forum featured climate change and harmful algal blooms and ways to prepare and mitigate.

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Environmental Justice and Equity

July 2021

Environmental Justice and Equity; The Crossroads of Environmental Justice and Water Affordability, Assuring Environmental Justice, Equity, and Inclusion in the Protection of Pennsylvania’s Environment, and a Community-Driven Planning project for Climate Resilience in Marginalized Communities in the Great Lakes.

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Public Drinking Water and Regional Updates

March 2021

In addition to several Great Lakes updates, featured topics included Public Drinking Water – the State of the System & Contemporary Challenges in Public Drinking Water and the Rising to the Public Health Challenge by Using Wastewater to Aid in COVID-19 Detection.

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Lake Erie Water Levels

October 2019

Regional presentations explore the science behind Lake Erie high water levels, coastal and community resilience to water levels and climate changes.

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Invasive Species in the Great Lakes from the Front Lines

March 2019

Great Lakes biology, early detection and rapid response to invasive species were featured topics, along with harmful algal blooms and Great Lakes regional activities and issues.

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Great Lake Updates and Special Features

October 2018

Featured speakers focused on coastal bluff erosion, plastic in public water, E.coli Bacteria & Harmful Algae Bloom Monitoring, and the PA Lake Erie Water and Land Technical Resource website.

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Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

March 2018

This first meeting of 2018 provided updates on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and presentations on clean water infrastructure and asset management and inter-governmental cooperation.

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State and Regional Planning

April 2017

A number of updates were covered including Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; Great Lakes Basin Compact Agreement; Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Update; and the State Water Plan update.

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Shoreline Health

April 2016

Topics included new methods of online interaction with spatial data, projects that evaluate and monitor erosion along Pennsylvania’s shorelines, monitoring the health of Lake Erie, and current nutrient reduction actions.

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Stormwater Management

September 2016

Focus on stormwater management and the roles municipalities play in protecting Lake Erie water quality. Presentations will introduce new methods available to municipalities to sustainably fund stormwater management responsibilities and infrastructure.

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Great Lakes Planning

December 2016

Included updates on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, he Great Lakes Basin Compact and Agreement, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Pennsylvania State Water Plan, and the Pennsylvania Phosphorous Reduction Domestic Action Plan.

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